Los Poblanos: A country inn and gourmet organic food getaway near Albuquerque

Los Poblanos Entry

For those who think of Taos or Santa Fe when they’re contemplating an eco-conscious and laid back vacation in northern New Mexico, where dreams of locally grown, gourmet organic food is par for the course, think again! Located in the North Valley area of the city of Albuquerque, Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm is a treasure to be discovered by those looking for a philosophy as well as just a lovely place to stay, whether for a weekend or a week or longer. According to Matt Rembe, Executive Director and one of the present family owners, it’s a place to re-connect. In the 1930’s, when the influential Simms family purchased the property, they had a vision of it being a center for cultural activities and in addition to using it as their family home, created another building for special events. Employing the talents of acclaimed architect of the region, John Gaw Meem, the beautiful and graceful building reflects his sensibility now known as the Santa Fe Style. Later, during the 1990’s, the Rembe family decided to buy the property that had already been used for many decades as a working farm. At first their own private home also, their vision became that of providing an experience for guests that would put them in direct contact with the agricultural aspect of what they term “progressive farming,” with a beautiful place to stay that would offer them the opportunity to participate in some of the finest in organic cuisine, as well. Read more and view slide show at Examiner.

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